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 Sunshine Roll-$7.95.
Prawn Tempura,Crab Meat, Cucumber topped with Tai Tempura.

Oh-how deceptive this sushi roll was. It looked so pretty in the box: a colourful plethora of colour and texture, however it failed to live up to its name. 
First of all: it was warm, very warm. Not exactly how I like my sushi: I prefer it chilled. The texture of the tempura was soggy,not crunchy. The roll itself tasted strange: the flavours didn't compliment each other, the only thing I could taste was a distinctly fishy flavour. The imitation crab meat was subpar, it was too mushy and lacked flavour. 

The verdict: I've had better sushi at a food court. This roll was pricey, and disappointing to say the least.

Rating: 0 stars
Garden Roll-$7.95 Avocado,Cucumber Asparagus, topped with yam tempura.

When I first saw this roll in the box I was suspicious as to what the yellow sauce was. I suspected it to be mango paste or a sweet sauce of some sort. To say the least: this roll was AMAZING. I have to admit, I was skeptical because of the presentation, butI was pleasantly surprised, it was about 100 times better than the Sunshine roll. The texture of the roll was perfect and the crunchiness of the tempura complimented the mushiness of the avocado perfectly. The sweetness of the yam combined with the crunchiness of the tempura = heaven. The yellow paste actually tasted like pineapple and added a nice kick to the roll. 

The verdict: One word: Delicious. Try it, you won't regret it! Although a bit pricey, I thought it was worth it. Not the best sushi roll ever, but I would definitely eat it again.

Rating: 4 stars.


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