Sakura Sushi beside Richmond Centre

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Yam Roll and Kappa Roll

Crispy Panko Dynamite Roll & Tuna Roll (free with coupon.)

Sakura Sushi is a small authentic Japanese restaurant tucked away in a plaza near Staples, across from Richmond Centre. After shopping I love coming here for my sushi fix! The woman at the counter was very polite and offered me a seat when I was standing waiting for my takeout. They also have a stamp card, which redeems for a free roll after 5 trips over $6.00.

I'm a huge fan of the avocado roll and tempura, so what could be better than an infusion of both ingredients? I got the yam roll, which is a traditional avocado roll topped with yam tempura. This was a fairly standard roll. The tempura was fragrant and crispy and the avocado was very fresh, with no brown spots.

I received the Kappa Roll for free having accumulated 5 stamps on the stamp card. The Kappa roll was very light and refreshing, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wouldn't order the Kappa Roll myself though.

I'm a sucker for anything deep fried (which will be evident as this post progresses) so I wanted to try the Crispy Panko Dynamite Roll. It's essentially a crispier variation of the traditional dynamite roll. The crispy shrimp in this roll is hot, whereas the tempura in a dynamite roll is chilled. I usually don't like warm sushi, however this is an exception. The texture of the fried shrimp was bang on and flavourful! Oh, and I really liked the taste of the rice. The rice was slightly sour.
The tuna roll was free with a coupon (with a min. purchase of $9.00). I'm not the best person to judge fish, because I'm biased toward fish. I've never liked fish. I know that some of you may be appalled that a  foodie like myself doesn't like fish haha. Anyways, the tuna roll was alright, I wouldn't order it myself, but my parents liked it.
Mixed Tempura : 3 pieces yam, 1 cucumber, 3 prawn.

Oh, how I love thee tempura. I always order tempura whenever I'm at a Japanese joint. I think its pretty hard to mess up tempura, and Sakura didn't disappoint. Perfectly crispy, lightly flavoured,the vegetables on the inside weren't soggy. I've ordered this two days in a row after I first tried it, which is a testament to how much I love it! Noms.
Chicken Karaage

Oh man, this Chicken Karaage was divine! The outside shell was insanely cripsy and the texture complimented the smooth texture of the chicken. 100 x better than KFC in my opinion. The taste, to sum it up in one word: AMAZING. I don't know what they put in this, but it tasted perfectly salty, without being too salty or too oily!
Busy Saturday lunch hour!

Tea Station
My receipt for my second order, I lost the first receipt haha.

The verdict: Everything I tried here was exceptional. Since I'm in Richmond everyday (no I don't live here haha) I'm definitely going to be frequently Sakura Sushi for lunch! Hm, I think I'm going to have some again tomorrow!

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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