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Mango Mochi Slush
Bubble Queen is one of the most popular bubble tea places in Richmond. And I can totally see why! They have such unique flavours and combinations! Their most item popular item is undoubtedly the mango cube slush. They have a variety of really unique flavours like Ferraro Rocher, Maltesers, Lindor, which the actual candies on top! *drool* For a little over $6, you get a huge tall cup of frothy, milky, delicious goodness. I originally wanted the mango slush with chunks, but it wasn't in season, so I opted for the Mango Mochi Slush instead! It was $6.50 but so worth it! 

4.5/5 stars
THIS STUFF WAS AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS!  The mochi was filled to the brim, and the slush was actually more of a smoothie!! They definitely didn't skimp on quality, the smoothie was so frothy, milky and you could definitely taste the mango! The texture of the mochi was perfect, it was insanely chewy, and wasn't too soft or overcooked. The drink itself wasn't overwhelmingly sweet either, the sweetness mainly came from the mango in the smoothie! Just look at those juicy, plump, pieces of mochi!! If this didn't cost $6.50 I would totally eat this everyday hehe.

Oreo Bubble Waffle $4.50

4.5/5 stars
This by far the most expensive bubble waffle I've ever eaten, but for good reason, since it was also the best! There was a substantial amount of oreo encased in each shell, and the oreo flavour was very prominent. This definitely took a plain bubble waffle to another level! The shell of the waffle itself was pretty sweet, much sweeter than other bubble waffles I've tried. 

 I really want to try their Bubble Waffles, particularly the Mochi and Oreo flavours!
 They also have lunch/dinner items,salty snacks, and sushi.

-Unique flavours
-Delicious bubble tea
-Offers a variety of snacks including bubble waffles


The verdict: A little pricey, but worth it in my opinion! The Mango Mochi Slush was amazingly decadent and satisfying, mmm. I'll definitely to be going back to try some of their other slushes, namely the Strawberry Cheesecake, which I'll do a review of!

Overall Rating: 4.5 stars


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