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The Black and White
1/5 stars
I was really excited about trying Crepe de licious's crepes since they looked heavenly (especially with that whipped cream on top!) I've tried their gelato before, and it was delicious, so naturally, I was curious about their crepes. I ordered the Black & White, which is Nutella and Banana sandwiched between thin slices of crepe and I also added whip cream on top. You can see the chef making the crepe through a glass wall. They have huge jars of nutella line up on the wall, which I thought was cute.
Needless to say, I was disappointed. First of all, I was expecting the crepe to be warm, but it was actually cold! The crepe itself didn't taste like anything special: it just tasted like nutella and banana. To my surprise, it wasn't actually that sweet, in fact, the only sweetness I could taste was from the banana.

-Conveniently located in the Richmond Centre food court.
-Lots of choices which includes breakfast items.

-Expensive for the ingredients used.

The verdict: The crepe itself tasted just average and definitely not worth the money I paid for it (almost $7.) I was really disappointed with this one, as it sounded and looked delicious on the menu and online. 

Rating: 1 star


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