HK BBQ Master 明家燒臘專家 near Superstore

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Crispy Pork & Roast Duck Combo
I was craving some asian BBQ meat in Richmond. This place is tucked away in the Superstore parking lot and it's really easy to miss. The place is minuscule, seriously the place is the size of my room haha! Nevertheless, they have good food, which is all that matters. Although I have to say: The waitress was quite rude. Since she was busy I thought I would seat myself but she literally yelled at me and shooed me away. Oh well. I decided to get takeout instead. When we were paying at the cashier they said they charge an extra 50 cents for the green onion sauce! This didn't sit well with my dad since the meal was already over $9. 

Anyways, on to the food! The exterior skin of the duck meat was choke full of flavour and had a rich, smokey flavour to it. The texture of the meat was okay, not as juicy as I would have liked.

The skin of the roast pork was AMAZINGLY crunchy and oily. The meat was kind of bland, but I dipped it in green onion sauce.

They also drizzle a dark sauce (which I presume is a soy sauce of some sort) on to the rice. The texture of the rice was perfect,springy and soft. The soy sauce made it even better!

I also ordered a lemon tea, which was a refreshing compliment to the meal.

The verdict: A little steep at $9, but delicious regardless. However I was a tab bit stuffed after this meal (probably from the rice.)

Rating: 4 stars. 


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