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Roast Chicken Meal from the Restaurant
Ikea food is just like their furniture, cheap, cheerful, and mass produced. I've been going to Ikea for ages. 75 cent hotdogs, $1 frozen yogurts, $1 cinnamon buns, and in this case $5.99 for a huge chunk of roast chicken and a side of fries, and free drink refills.  For the price everything is edible, tasty and fills you up. The chicken had a deep, roasted flavour. The skin was crispy and flavourful, the meat was tender and wasn't dry. The fries at Ikea are fantastic, they're perfectly crispy and warm, with just the right amount of salt. They're thick cut, but not too thick, the perfect median. 
Hotdog from the Bistro
Anyone remember when Ikea hotdogs were 50 cents instead of 75 cents? Oh yes, those were the good ol' days. I use to be able to stomach 6 of these in one sitting. Now, not so much haha. These are pretty basic hotdogs, they taste alright for the price. It's what you'd expect from a cheap wiener: rubbery and salty. It tastes a lot better with mayo/relish/ketchup on top. The bread just tastes like cheap, white bread: filling but lacking in substance. I'm not complaining though, cause it is only 75 cents afterall! haha


-Low quality ingredients
-Average food

The verdict: The Roast Chicken was tasty, as are their other restaurant offerings (which I'll review in the near future!) You're better off sticking with the restaurant food however the hotdog is decent as a cheap meal or quick snack.

Rating: 4 stars for the Chicken, 2 for the hotdog.


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