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Pearl Castle is a Taiwanese Cafe, famous for their Bubble tea and Crispy Chicken Nuggets! They actually have two locations in Richmond: one in Richmond Centre and one in Continental Centre. It's run by real Taiwanese people, as everyone working there speaks distinct Taiwanese Mandarin. 

Crispy Chicken Nuggets
4.5/5 stars
I wanted to see what all the hype was about, so I ordered a Crispy Chicken Nugget with Rice combo. It came with a substantial amount of chicken nuggets, a side of seaweed and vegetables, and a bowl of rice. These aren't ordinary chicken nuggets! After you've tried these, you will swear off KFC and McNuggets forever haha. Yes, they're that good!The chicken came out piping hot. The skin was seasoned with a mysterious delicious concoction of spices that made my mouth water. The exterior shell had the perfect crunch and was perfectly crispy. The interior of the nugget was really silky, and tasted extremely fresh. I could eat a bowl of these. No joke. These are even better than the ones I've had in Taiwan. Mmm, so good! 

Pearl Milk Green Tea
4/5 stars
You can't go to a Taiwanese Cafe without ordering bubble tea can you? I didn't want a smoothie, so I opted for a Pearl Milk Green Tea. It wasn't too sweet, and was really light and refreshing. The green tea flavour blended really well with the milk. There was a substantial amount of pearls which were perfectly chewy. Overall really yummy and the perfect compliment to my meal!

Fried Rice
4.5/5 stars
On my second trip to Pearl Castle, I ordered a Fried Rice with Chicken Nugget combo. This stuff was the bomb! It arrived piping hot and smelled heavenly! The texture of the rice was fluffy, crispy, and perfectly cooked. The rice itself had green onions, scrambled eggs, onion, carrots and pieces of chicken in it. This was pretty salty, but tasted really good, nonetheless!

Chicken Nugget Combo
Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce
2/5 stars
I didn't order this, but I did try a large piece of the chicken and sauce, so I'd thought I'd review it too! The exterior of the crispy chicken was a bit soggy, which I wasn't expecting since the exterior shell was fried. The chicken itself tasted pretty bland. The black bean sauce tasted alright, average, forgettable. On the plus side, it wasn't too salty. 

-Authentic Taiwanese "cafe"food
-Conveniently located in Richmond Centre
-Relatively affordable

-Can get a bit busy

The verdict: Definitely stick to their signature Taiwanese dishes, the fried rice and chicken nuggets were absolutely delish!! There bubble tea didn't disappoint either! I'm definitely going to be frequenting Pearl Castle for my Taiwanese fix :D
Overall Rating: 4 stars


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