Pinkberry - Chocolate Hazelnut w/pearls,coconut,chocolate chips, and oreos!

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Chocolate Hazelnut Frozen Yogurt

One of the best things about pinkberry is that it's entirely customizable. You have the option to choose between their Original Yogurt, Green Tea, Cookies n' Cream, Green Tea, Mango, or in my case, Chocolate Hazelnut, which is a seasonal flavour. 

4/5 stars
I'm a chocolate addict, so how could I not go for the Chocolate one? I went with the small size, as I'd already had lunch. You get to choose as many toppings as you'd like until the cup overflows! I got mango pearls, chocolate crunch, chocolate chips, crushed oreos, coconut and one slice of mango.

It was sooo good! Insanely sweet but extremely decadent. My favourite part was probably the chocolate crunch topping, which was actually a premium topping, but it was so worth the extra 50 cents they charged me! The pearls were also really delicious, chewy and fruity. The crushed oreos added a really nice texture/crunch into the mix, which I really enjoyed. The coconut made it all even better! This combo was so sweet that I actually couldn't taste the mango because the other flavours were so overwhelmingly sweet haha!

-A plethora of topping choices available
-Healthier than conventional ice cream

-You can't determine the amount of toppings as the person scoops it for you.

The verdict: Super yummy, decadent and satisfying. A tad bit pricey at almost $7 for a small, but so worth it! Oh, and it makes for an awesome instagram picture, jk. ;)

Rating: 4 stars


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