Polytaste Curry Kitchen in Admiralty Centre

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Polytaste Curry Kitchen is located in the Admiralty Centre food court.

4/5 stars
I ordered the Singapore Lanka with Curry Sauce. I've never tried the Singapore variation of Roti before, and I was really excited, having read a blog review about it! The portion size was small, but I didn't expect much for $3. It came out hot, and looked really appetizing! It didn't disappoint, the exterior crust was amazingly crispy, and the bread inside was flaky and warm. The curry sauce is unlike the curry sauce you'll find at a Indian restaurant. It was mildly spicy delicious, tangy and had a nice, tantalizing kick to it. It wasn't overly salty either, so that was a plus.  The consistency was also very nicely done, it wasn't too watered down, or too lumpy either. 


-Small portion sizes

The verdict: Despite it's size, it definitely filled me up! Overall it was delicious, and I will definitely be ordering it again when I'm craving some curry! #Nom!

Overall Rating: 4 stars.


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