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Saffron Indian Cuisine is quite renowned in Burnaby for authentic tasting Indian cuisine for cheap! For a lunch buffet it's about $13.99 a person. Even though buffets tend to skimp on quality, that's definitely not the case at Saffron. They bring out freshly baked naan for your table, so it's not sitting at the buffet counter getting soggy. They also have a salad bar with various salads and some fruit, that I didn't really get the chance to try, as I was busy perusing the other main options haha.

The naan was divine: soft, warm, and doughy, just as naan should be. Even though they only have about 8-9 dishes to choose from at the buffet, it's definitely quality over quantity. 

The rice dishes were nice and fluffy. The chicken was delicious as well, perfectly seasoned. The consistency of the curry dishes were also well done, as they were not too water down nor too lumpy. The curry was potent, and mildly spicy. The pakora was tasty as well, it was perfectly crispy and wasn't too dry (my pet peeve haha.) 

-Relatively affordable

-"Westernized" Indian Cuisine
-Limited options
-A lot of fillers (bread, rice, etc.)
-You don't get your money's worth.

The verdict: Overall a deliciously satisfying meal, however you don't get your money's worth as you already feel stuffed after two plates and from the naan. Still definitely one of the best Indian restaurants in the Burnaby/Metrotown area!

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Will I be back? Yes! Everything was fairly tasty and overall I was happy with my meal.


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