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Saint Germain is a Hong Kong style Bakery located inside of Aberdeen Centre, adjacent to H Mart. It sells a variety of bread, cakes, and chinese desserts. The display is particularly enticing, as everything looks delicious! I was craving something salty, so I went with the cheese and sausage bun. 

Cheese Bun with Hotdog
The exterior shell was crusted with cheddar cheese. The texture of the bread was soft (not as soft as some other asian bakeries though) and had an almost gummy like texture. The bread itself was subtly sweet. The sausage was just an ordinary hotdog, pretty average/standard in asian bread. Overall, this bun wasn't very good, average at best. I don't think I would eat this again.

Egg Tart
3/5 stars
Egg tarts are always a hot item at any chinese bakery. These ones didn't disappoint, the texture shell was flaky and crispy. The egg filling itself was silky and the perfect median between sweet and salty. Overall average for a chinese bakery but still good, nonetheless.

Coconut Pastry
4/5 stars
The entire pastry is made out of coconut flakes, which lends an amazing aroma to the entire pastry. The dough is soft, sweet, and fragrant. Basically a coconut BOMB in your mouth. Fellow coconut lovers, you will die when you try this! 

Saint Germain also sells an assortment of cakes!

They sell macarons too!
Daily specials
Assorted Buns/Pastries
Other offerings
-Prompt service
-Located in Aberdeen Centre
-A plethora of choices

-Higher priced than other bakeries
-Average/generic bakery items

The verdict: Your typical neighbourhood HK style bakery. The items here are all generic, but taste pretty standard for what you'd expect. 

Rating: 2.5 stars


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