I initially heard about Japadog 5 years ago. Japadog is a hot dog vendor with  numerous carts scattered around the Lower Mainland, and a restaurant location on Robson. How has it taken me this long to try it? Japadog has always been in the back of my head whenever I go downtown, but somehow I always forget! Admittedly, hotdogs aren't exactly #1 on my list of foods to try haha.

Today's visit to Japadog was out of total spontaneity. We were driving around downtown, and having only had a Hershey's Cookies n' cream chocolate bar for breakfast, I was starving! To my delight, there was no lineup! (probably because of the weather haha)

Kurobuta Terimayo
3/5 stars
Since I've never tried their hotdogs before, I opted for their signature item: the Kurobuta Terimayo! Apparently one publication included it in their list of "foods you should try before you die." That definitely got my attention haha!

It consisted of Teriyaki sauce, mayo, onion and seaweed on a kurobuta pork hotdog. The dog itself is very chewy and juicy, and burst with flavour when I bit into it. The mayo was Japanese mayo, which is sweeter/less tangy than Western mayonnaise. My favourite part was probably the teriyaki sauce and onion. The sweetness of the sauce complimented the sautéed onions perfectly. Personally, I didn't like the seaweed on this particular hotdog and I ended up eating the seaweed first because I didn't like the infusion of seaweed with the other flavours.

The Oroshi!

-Definitely unique

-Expensive for a hotdog
-You have to eat standing or in your car. (Unless you go to their restaurant location)

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Will I be back? Yes! I want to try the Oroshi hotdog!

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