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Lai Taste is a stall in Parker Place that's famous for their Vietnamese Subs! I would presume for two reasons: A) It's cheap, and B) It tastes absolutely delectable! $3.95 get's you a huge Pork sub with a free drink of your choice! Talk about a steal! They also have a huge selection of pho, which are about $5 a bowl. However, this place isn't authentic, as it's run by Cantonese people.

Phos and Appetizers!

Pork Sub
Perhaps the best sub I've had in my life. And that's no exaggeration haha! I was pretty impressed with the amount of pork they gave me!

The pork was sweet and salty from the sauce. The texture of the pork was absolutely perfect: chewy and juicy, with just the right amount of fat. There was also a abundant amount of cilantro and green veggies, which added a lot of depth to the sandwich. I'm going back tomorrow for another one. No joke haha

Note: This sub was huge, but wasn't very filling. Or maybe it's just because I eat alot. Hahaa

Just loook at that juicy pork! Mmmm!
Complimentary Milk Tea! You get a choice of Lemon Tea, Milk Tea, Ovaltine, or Almond Tea! Cold drinks are $1 more.
-Large portion sizes

-Lineups (which is testament to the fact that their subs are FANTASTIC!)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Will I be back? TOMORROW!!

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