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Landmark BBQ is a relatively unknown BBQ store located in Continental Centre. A small combo is only $4 and an entire container of meat can be had for as little as $10. I opted for the Crispy Roast Pork,  Soy Sauce Chicken and Roast Duck.

The portion sizes here are definitely family sized! You get a side of dipping sauce for the duck and obligatory plum sauce. Side note: The green onion sauce costs an extra 50 cents haha. 

Roast Pork: 
3/5 stars
The skin was perfectly seasoned and crunchy. However the meat was bland, dry and stale. I ended up only eating the skin on the pork haha.

Soy Sauce Chicken: 
3.5/5 stars
Like the pork, the best part of this was definitely the skin. The soy sauce flavour was potent and the skin was crispy and flakey. The meat fell short: it was on the dry side and tasted like day old chicken.

Roast Duck: 
4/5 stars
The exterior was a bit on the salty side, but the meat was tender and really flavourful! I dipped the duck in the the sauce they included (round container), and it was delicious! The sauce is actually oil from the duck haha. 

I also got some rice (for obvious reasons haha). The rice was long grain rice, which I prefer to short grain. It was fluffy, and wasn't soggy or overcooked. 

-Large portion sizes

-Meat is on the dry side

The verdict: Everything was very flavourful, albeit a little greasy. The portion sizes are huge, and a great deal for the price. If you're looking for some tasty BBQ to feed 3+ more people for under $10, Landmark is your place!

Rating: 3 stars.


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