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Lido is a Hong Kong style cafe/restaurant located in Excel Centre, which is sandwiched between Parker Place and Aberdeen Centre.In Central Richmond, Lido's claim to fame are their Pineapple Buns. Contrary to it's name, it's not made from Pineapple. It's named after the fact that the top resembles the surface of a pineapple haha.

I always succumb to hype, especially when it comes to food haha. My rationale is "If so many people like it, it has to be good!" But since starting a food blog, I've come to realize that taste is very subjective, and in this case, is "in the mouth of the eater." Haha get it? Eye of the beholder, mouth of the eater? Sorry, bad joke. I'm just trying to show my personality here haha.

When we entered the restaurant, we weren't greeted. We had to ask a man sitting at the counter (which I presumed to be the manager), and he answered (rather rudely) that it was full and we had to wait. When I saw the pineapple buns come out of the oven, I asked if I could get a bun so I could eat it while waiting for a seat. He looked really annoyed but still (reluctantly) got me a bun.
Pineapple Bun
Rating: 4.5/5
However, this time, the majority was RIGHT! Lido pineapple bun's are the best I've ever tried! I'm not sure if it's due to the fact that I got mine out of the oven or if it's the recipe but, these were definitely droolworthy!! You also get an option to add a slab of butter, but I didn't because I wanted to savour the bun on it's own. The texture of the bun was softer than other bakeries and more fragrant. The exterior crust was flakey and the shell definitely had more of a "kick" than other buns I've tried.

Milk Tea
Rating: 2/5
I'm not one to bash on restuarants, but Lido really has to step up their game in terms of hygiene. Seriously, this picture doesn't do the cup justice, but the cup and the soup container (below) was VERY dirty around the rim.
The milk to tea ratio was nicely done, as the drink itself was very milky and wasn't watered down. The tea itself was really bitter, but was very potent.

Vegetable Soup
Rating: 1.5/5
See how dirty the rim is?
Anyways, the soup was alright, there were a few pieces of meat in there too. We didn't order the soup so we thought it was complimentary but they actually charged us for it!

Steam Rice in Claypot w/ Chinese Sausage and Pork 
Rating: 4.5/5
They have an entire menu devoted to the Steam Rice in a Claypot. I haven't had claypot in ages, but it's one of my favourite asian dishes. We ordered the Claypot for two which included two Milk teas. We were shocked when it arrived, as it was huge! You could feed 5 people with the amount that they gave us haha! Definitely not for two people. 
The rice is baked so it gets very crispy and burnt at the bottom, which makes the entire dish very fragrant. The meat on the top was delicious, the pork was tender and juicy. The chinese sausage was pretty standard for a Chinese restaurant.

A closeup of the meat...yummy!
Wonton Noodle
 Rating: 3/5
We also ordered the Wonton Noodle Soup. I was expecting it to come in a bowl with the soup already in it, but instead the noodles came dry with the wonton and the soup on the side. It came with dipping sauce for the Wonton, which I actually used on the noodle, since it was fairly bland. The wontons themselves were very chewy and the filling was very tender. The wontons were again, standard, but still tasted great, nonetheless. I didn't get the try the soup on it's own, since I actually prefer my noodles dry haha.

Soup for the Wonton Noodle
-Authentic Hong Kong Cafe
-Bad service
Overall Rating: 4 stars
Would I come here again? Yes, for the pineapple bun and the claypot!

Lido management, if you're reading this: Clean the edges of your cups/bowls!!

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