Parker Place Meat & BBQ

 Parker Place Meat & BBQ supposedly has the BEST Chinese BBQ in the lower mainland and outside of HK. I've tried various BBQ places in the Central Richmond, and none of them have impressed me to the point where I find myself salivating at the mere mention of it. I read the reviews on yelp and urbanspoon about this BBQ place, and everyone was raving about how amazing their BBQ is! Of course, I always succumb to hype, so come lunch time, I found myself making the trek to Parker Place for their famed BBQ meats.

Btw, I got a Canon t5i! I'm quite happy with the picture quality, however I'm still playing around with the settings/exposure/ios so bear with me as I figure out the settings!
Also, I'm thinking about incorporating video, to further enhance my food reviews!

Roast Pork & Char Siu $7.00
You get the option to choose how fat/lean you want your meat. I went with a mix of both fatty pieces and lean pieces as I wanted some variety.

My expectations were high due to the rave reviews online. My fellow urbanspooners/yelpers definitely did not let me down! This was indeed, the most succulent, juiciest, flavourful BBQ that I have graced my tastebuds.

The meat itself was soft and incredibly moist, much more tender than other BBQ places I've tried.

-Prompt service
-Delicious BBQ
-Large portion sizes


Overall Rating: 4.5/5 stars
Will I be back? Yes!

  Parker Place Meat & BBQ 百家店燒臘肉食 on Urbanspoon


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