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My trip to Thierry today was totally justified because I just found out I got an A+ and A- in my classes this semester! HALLELUJAH!

Anyway, back to Thierry haha! Thierry specializes in chocolate (hence their title) but are quite renown in the Lower Mainland for their macarons as well! I had just ate a Japadog (blog post about that soon!) 5 mins prior and decided to pop into Thierry for dessert. Hahaa street food to french macarons! I'm totally flexible! ;) 

Side note: I've realized that I've become completely comfortable with taking erroneous amounts of pictures of food in public haha! So since I'm gotten over the fear of pointing cameras in every feasible direction, I've decided to get a DRSL camera on boxing day! I'm leaning towards the Canon 70D. What do you think? haha let me know, down below in the comments!

They only had three macarons that day! The ones I chose were Raspberry and Mint! 
Raspberry Macaron: 4.5/ 5 stars
The Raspberry macaron was absolutely delectable! It was encased with pure raspberry jam that tasted fresher than real fruit.

Mint Macaron: 4/5 stars
The mint in the green macaron was very potent indeed. The mint was definitely of a sweeter variety than of a spearmint variety.

Thierry macarons are sweeter and larger in size than other macarons I've tried. The macaron itself is soft in texture and the exterior shell crumbles nicely when you bite into it.

Tiramisu & the Mousse au Fromage Blanc

Tiramisu: 3/5 stars
The presentation of this cake was exquisite! If you can't tell from the picture, there's actually a ribbon (which is emblazoned with the Thierry logo) wrapped around the chocolate exterior of the cake! 

The tiramisu is encased in an octagon of dark chocolate. The frosting on the tiramisu was perfectly whipped and creamy. The cake itself was a complex myriad of flavours comprised of expresso coffee, mascopone cheese with notes of brandy. The texture was very fine and reminiscent of mousse. The chocolate tasted very robust and potent. There was also a centre filling of expresso, which tied in the entire cake very nicely.

Mousse au Fromage Blanc: 3/5 stars

The Mousse au Fromage Blanc is composed of white cheesecake mousse on a bed of raspberry sponge cake topped with fresh raspberries and pomegranates. I have to admit, I chose this out of the sheer fact that it was cheesecake haha. However, the cheese was very, very subtle. The mousse was very silky and melted upon contact. The raspberry sponge cake was denser in texture (as expected.) I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a lemon filling! This augmented the tartness of the raspberry sponge cake and the fruit very well.  

Isn't that a cool door? haha

You'll definitely see me on this patio come summertime!

-A chocolate lover's dream
-A plethora of dessert options
-Serves breakfast items
-Serves coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages

-Can be overwhelming
-It's always busy

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars
Will I be back? Yes! I'm totally getting a box of their macarons next time! ;)

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