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I've heard good things about the egg waffles at Your Dessert in Admiralty Centre, so I wanted to give them a try! The waffles are made to order and were about $3.50. The wait time was about 5 mins, which wasn't bad at all. 

3.5/5 stars
The first thing I noticed upon inspection was that the waffle itself was very uniform, and wasn't deflated or deformed. It is also alot crispier than other bubble waffle places. I have to give credit for the execution of the waffle, because making a waffle that retains it's shape is harder than it looks! The exterior of the shell was very crispy and flakey. The centre is filled halfway with mochi. The sweetness was very subtle,but the egg flavour was very potent. 

-Crispier than other waffles
-Generous portion sizes
-Uniform Shape
-Subtle sweetness

-If you prefer your egg waffles softer, these may not be for you.

The verdict: Makes for a nice light dessert or as a snack. Not the best egg waffles ever, but tasty nonetheless! 

Rating: 3 stars


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