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Aussie Pie Guys
Our neighbours down south sure know their pies! With offerings such as Shane's Pie (their signature), Hip Pie (vegan), Chook, Aussie, Veggie, and Sweetie Pie (apple), there's something here to please everyone's palate!

Shane's Pie (Aussie Pie Guy)

Shane's Pie

4/5 stars
Shane's Pie is their signature pie, comprised of "tender free-range BC beef short rib and vegetables with a red wine au-jus and apricot hoisin sauce over mashed potatoes." Sounds like a delectable concoction of flavours, doesn't it? It sure didn't disappoint! The exterior pie crust was flakey and soft, and wasn't too thick. The beef short rib was as advertised: very tender and extremely lean! The red wine element was rather subtle but was augmented by the tartness of the apricot hoisin sauce.
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