GoodAh Grill - Richmond Centre

2.5/5 stars
I've heard good things about GoodAh Grill's skewers, so I decided to give them a try when I was at Richmond Centre. I ordered the #1 Pork Skewers on Rice, which came with 2 skewers.

The meat was very dry, hard and came out lukewarm. It tasted alright though. The smokiness of the skewer did come through, and was seasoned fairly well. The sauce that came on the side was a BBQ sauce of some sort, but it tasted merely like ketchup.

I'm guessing that the skewers were pre made and pre marinated and lightly toasted when someone orders it. It's a food court after all! haha

-Prompt service
- Convenient

-Meat was dry
Will I be back? Probably Not

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