Mcdonalds - Breakfast

After my last horrific experience at McD's, I was hesitant on going back. It was 6 am on boxing day, and my dad insisted on getting McDonald's for breakfast.

Mcmuffin: 3/5 stars
I ordered a #1 Egg Mcmuffin combo which comes with your choice of drink and a hash brown.

As a quick breakfast, this sandwich sufficed. The english muffin was a tad bit soggy and deformed, but it tasted alright. The cheese was half melted and the ham was cheap bologna.

4/5 stars
I really like the hash browns at Mcdonalds! They're served warm, with the exterior being crispy, and the interior soft. It isn't overly seasoned or salty either. I would definitely order these on its own.

Milk 2 Go
3/5 stars
I'm not a huge fan of the brand Milk 2 Go, but it was alright. The bottle was really cute though haha.

-Quick and Convenient
-The hashbrowns are great!

-Mediocre breakfast sandwiches

Overall Rating: 3 stars
Will I be back? Yes, for the hashbrowns!

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