Michigan Noodle Restaurant

Century Egg Congee
4/5 stars
Michigan is most known for their congee and wontons, and the century egg congee definitely didn't disappoint! I don't even like congee that much, but this was delicious! The congee was very flavourful, and the consistency was the perfect, it wasn't too thick or too watery.
Za Jiang Noodles
4/5 stars
The Za Jiang noodles were a hit as well. The main attraction of this dish was the za jiang sauce. The sauce was sweet and salty and just melted in your mouth. The noodles were standard, but complimented the sauce very well.
Salted Fish and Chicken Fried Rice
4/5 stars
There were a substantial amount of chicken and fish pieces. The rice was very fragrant from the fish and wasn't too oily nor salty.
Eggplant and Fish Bowl
4/5 stars
The fish was very soft and melts in your mouth. The eggplant was very flavourful, as was the fish, from  the garlic. The sauce was rather peppery and had a subtle spiciness to it.

Fish soup
3/5 stars
This soup was very fishy tasting indeed. The addition of the green onion added some dimension to the soup.

Gai Lan
3/5 stars
I like how they cut the Gai Lan into bite sized pieces as opposed to the larger pieces that other restaurants serve. However, I wish they would have included more leaves as opposed to just the stem. The sauce was also way too salty for my liking.

Honey Garlic Pork
4/5 stars
This dish was only $7, so I was pleasantly surprised that the portion size was so large! Taste wise, I wasn't expecting much, but I was blown away! This was definitely on par with some of the best honey garlic pork dishes I've had. The batter was perfectly crispy, and wasn't too hard nor too soft. The amount of sweetness was just right. The garlic didn't overwhelm the dish, but added a subtle kick to an otherwise flat-toned dish.

-Food came out lightening fast
-Decent portion sizes
-Prompt service
-Friendly service

-Hard to find
-Can get busy

Overall rating:
4/5 stars
Will I be back? Yes!

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