O'Tray Noodle - President's Plaza

 O'Tray is located in President's Plaza, which is across from Aberdeen Mall. O'Tray specializes in Tianjin Cuisine and is most known for their Tianjin Wrap and Tofu Hot Soup!
 3/5 stars
The soup is comprised of tofu in a spicy soup base. The soup itself was very flavourful, from the peanut sauce and spicy oil. This is the dish that everybody usually orders because it compliments the Tianjin Warp very well.

3.5/5 stars
The tianjin is basically an egg wrap with fried pork and hoisin sauce. The egg wrap itself is flavoured with pepper and green onion. The pork was crispy and hot, and was nice contrast to the softness of the wrap.

-Prompt service

Will I be back? Yes!

  O'Tray (Tianjin Flavours) 天津味牛羊肉粉面 on Urbanspoon


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