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Serious Sausage

Serious Sausage

Where sausages... get SERIOUS! They're not kidding: their sausages are authentic German sausages that are local, hand made, nitrite free, and gluten free. They make hotdog eating virtually guilt free. Yippee!



3/5 stars
They were sold out of their currywurst, so I had to settle for their braatwurst. However, the guy assured me that it would be "the best sausage I will ever taste." Quite the claim, isn't it? Well, it was good, but not exactly what he made it out to be! I enjoyed it nonetheless. 
You have the option to make the sausage into two separate buns instead of one at no extra charge. The sausage was encased in a plain hamburger bun, topped with minced onion. The sausage itself was very tender and juicy, albeit a bit bland. 

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