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Taser specializes in... you guessed it, grilled cheese! As if their sandwich board isn't enticing enough, they have offerings with punny names such as "So Gouda!" with Caramelized Apples & Smoked Bacon. Mmm!

Some grill cheese action!

So Gouda! Sandwich

So Gouda! Sandwich

4/5 stars
Grilled Cheese sandwiches at its finest! Caramelized apples and grilled bacon with gouda and harvarti cheese... Can you say SO GOUDA? As if that wasn't enough, they included a baby dill pickle and vegetable chips on the side.
The sandwich was grilled to perfection, with the cheese melted to just the right consistency. The bacon had a deep smokey flavour with a bit of charring. The chips were surprisingly tasty, seasoned very well, with just the right amount of crunch.
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