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Yolk's Breakfast

Yolk's Breakfast has become synonymous with the Vancouver food truck scene. Are they that good, you ask? 

Double Smoked Bacon with Fresh Arugula (Yolk's Breakfast)

Double-Smoked Bacon with Fresh Arugula

4/5 stars
Without a doubt, one of the best breakfast sandwiches I've ever had. It took a while to make, but was well worth it. The eggs were perfectly poached and runny. The bacon was nicely smoked and had a definitive charring to it. The hollandaise sauce added a tangy kick to an otherwise conventional sandwich.

Lemon Truffle Hashbrown Skewers 

Lemon Truffle Hashbrown Skewers

4.5/5 stars
These babies were the highlight of my entire day. I'm contemplating on heading back to Yolk's again just for these. Yes, they're that good! The potatoes were saturated with flavour from the lemon juice and green onion. The exterior was flaky, crispy with just a hint of smokiness that had penetrated the skin.  
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