Bone Sushi

Bone Sushi is a Chinese-run Sushi restaurant located in Empire Centre. It's quite hard to find from the outside, as it's located on the side facing the street. However, you can access Bone Sushi from the mall as well.

Dynamite Roll Combo
4/5 stars
Right off the bat, I was immensely impressed by their presentation! The sushi was served on a paddle board, and meticulously garnished with seaweed flakes and adorned with strawberries.
The shrimp tempura in the dynamite roll was very crispy, and flavourful. The rice to filling ratio was adequate.
The nigiri was quite fresh, and the rice was well moulded.

Overall, the presentation was fantastic and the food was delicious as well. I'll definitely consider coming back to try some of their fusion rolls.

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