Bubble Queen

Confession time: I wish I could go to Bubble Queen every day. But sadly, at more than $6 for a cup of bubble tea, and with my dining expenses already through the roof, it's more of once a month occurrence. But on the bright side, at least that I'm less at risk for diabetes! :D

So what makes a cup of bubble tea worthy of almost half an hour of minimum wage work you ask? I'm keep it short and simple, and give you a sample of what's on their menu:

-Mango Cube Slush (Shown below. HUGE fresh chunks of mango!)
-Mango Mochi Slush (Previously reviewed.)
-Ferraro Rocher Slush
-Maltesers Slush
-Lindt White Chocolate Slush
-Oreo Slush
-Oreo, taro, mochi, matcha, strawberry, chocolate etc. flavoured bubble waffles
-A selection of savoury snacks and cheesecake


Mango Cube Slush
4.5/5 stars
Probably my favourite bubble tea of all time. The fact that it has fresh fruit in it just makes it 100 times better! The smoothie itself is the perfect level of sweetness, as to not overpower the natural sweetness of the mango. The drink itself isn't actually a slush. It's actually of a thick smoothie consistency. The tapioca pearls are the perfect texture, without being too hard or overly mushy.

Just a forewarning though, this thing will fill you up like crazy! 
Feast your eyes on those huge chunks of FRESH MANGO!! *drooling*

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