Fresh Elements Bubble Tea - Yaohan Food Court

Fresh Elements is one out of three bubble tea vendors in the Yaohan Mall food court. And that's not counting Osaka Market, which also serves up bubble tea. Fresh Element's "House Special bubble tea" edges out the competition by a mere 50 cents. I'll be reviewing the other bubble tea vendors in Yaohan's food court in upcoming posts!

Note: Sorry for the horrendous lighting haha, Yaohan's fluorescent lighting doesn't translate well in pictures :(
The house special bubble tea isn't really buy one get one free haha. The person beside me protested to the owner about this. 2 bubble teas is $3.50 and 1 bubble tea is $2.50. So technically you are still paying for the second bubble tea. Since I was by myself I decided to stick with the latter, even though the former was a better deal. :)
House Special Bubble Tea with Grass Jelly
3/5 stars
I went at about 11 pm on a Saturday and the tapioca pearls still weren't ready yet. I opted for grass jelly in lieu of pearls, as the next best option. Their House Special Bubble tea is essentially milk bubble tea, in a sweet syrup base. I was surprised at how sweet this drink was! Usually asian vendors tend to ease up on the sugar, since they cater to asian tastebuds, but this was drink was insanely sweet! I actually didn't mind, since I was using it to wash down my grease-laden lunch from Pak Tak Chow. If I was drinking it on it's own however, it would have been too sweet. So unless you have a thing for sugary drinks, ask them for half-sweet! The grass jelly was of the perfect texture, soft without being too gummy. Overall, I was pretty satisfied being that I only paid $2.65 after taxes.

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