Guu Richmond - Aberdeen Centre

Guu has various locations on the West Side and one in Aberdeen. Guu is an izakaya type establishment, where people gather for drinks and casual food. It's located on the second floor of Aberdeen, in a back corner, near Dinesty.

Beef Takaki
4/5 stars
The beef slices were very thinly seared and done nicely! I could really taste the multidimensional flavours of the sauce, which really impressed me.

4/5 stars
The Okonomiyaki was delicious! The pancake was flakey and crispy, with the interior being fluffy and warm. The sauce was particularly drool inducing, as it consisted of a sweet mayo/mustard and teriyaki sauce.

Bento Box
3/5 stars
Priced above average for a bento box at $11.50, it came with a substantial amount of rice, pork, sushi and sashimi. I didn't order this, but I did try the pork and sushi. The pork was very lean, and extremely flavourful. The sushi was surprisingly well done, the rice was slightly sour and tightly packed. The imitation crab was also of a firmer, less mushy variety.

Pumpkin Croquette
4.5/5 stars
This is one of the most popular dishes at Guu, and for good reason! First of all, isn't the presentation awesome? They wrote Guu on the plate with sauce!

The croquette itself is about a size of a softball. The interior houses a boiled egg, surrounded by sweet, mushy layers of pumpkin. The softness of the pumpkin is a nice contrast to the crispy exterior shell.

-Located in Aberdeen
-Food came out immediately
-Polite service

-A tad pricey

Will I be back? Yes!

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