Little Bean Bubble Tea - Yaohan

With two other bubble vendors in the Yaohan foodcourt (not counting Osaka, which also sells bubble tea) Little Bean faces some fierce competition. Especially considering that their House Special bubble tea is more expensive than Fresh Elements. Little Bean's bubble tea came to $3.25, with Fresh Element's being $2.65. Haha, being the penny pincher that I am, this stuff matters!

Note: Sorry for the horrendous lighting haha, Yaohan's fluorescent lighting doesn't translate well in pictures :(

House Special Bubble Tea
2/5 stars
Is Little Bean's House Special Bubble Tea worth your extra few cents? Based on this drink alone, I would say no. I actually found Little Bean's milk tea to be more diluted than Fresh Elements'. Also, Little Bean's bubble tea was actually lukewarm! Probably from the pearls. However I didn't really mind, being that it is still cold outside. But if it was summer, I wouldn't be too pleased. Fresh Elements' house bubble tea is also significantly sweeter, but that can always be resolved by asking for half-sweet.
However, I still enjoyed my drink so I would definitely come back to try some of their other speciality drinks.

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