Nao Sushi

It was New Year's Eve and I was craving sushi. Who am I kidding, I'm always craving sushi. I could eat it for every meal! Haha I'm fortunate to live in Vancouver, where there is no shortage of sushi establishments. That night we made the trek to Nao Sushi in Burnaby!
Ika Maruyaki
4/5 stars
This was delicious! The squid was nicely charred with a deep smokey flavour and wasn't too rubbery. The sweet mayo on the side complimented the dish very well.

BC Roll, JB Roll, Dragon Roll
The BC Roll & JB roll were only about $3.50 each! Super cheap considering that the BC roll was huge!

3/5 stars
The BC Roll had large amount of salmon in it, rolled together with cucumber. It tasted rather mediocre, but hey for the price, I'm not complaining!

2/5 stars
The JB roll consists of salmon and cream cheese. I've had cream cheese sushi before and absolutely loved it, but this one definitely wasn't as good. The cheese was so overwhelming that I could barely taste the salmon.

4/5 stars
The Dragon Roll was about $7, but well worth it in my opinion! Definitely the highlight of our meal.The crunchiness of the unagi was an amazing contrast to the creamy avocado. The teriyaki/mayo sauce was the cherry on the top.

Appetizer Tempura
4/5 stars
The Appetizer Tempura consisted of 2 prawns, peas, cucumber and yam. The batter was crispy and flavourful without being too oily

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