Osaka Supermarket - Sticky Rice Rolls

I honestly can't think of a better lunch for $3.45. The location I'm reviewing is the Osaka location, which is actually a T&T. Almost every T&T (except the one in President's Plaza) has a Sticky Rice Roll Station.

The sticky rice rolls are made to order and wrapped in front of you. You get the option to choose 4 items from the display case, and the choice of purple or white rice. I always get the purple rice, as it's healthier and it tastes better too!

 Fun Fact: The T&T rice rolls are even nutritionist approved haha. Read the article here:
You get a choice of 4 ingredients to include your rice roll. I opted for beef tripe, chinese donut, flavoured bean curd and pig ears haha. This proved to be a good choice because it was an amazing combination!
4/5 stars
Seriously, if I wasn't a food blogger (which makes me obligated to eat at different places haha) I would probably have this for lunch everyday! For $3.49, you get a delicious, filling, healthy rice roll! Theoretically you could eat this everyday if you choose different fillings each time haha. It's also ultra portable and convenient!
Scroll down for more drool worthy pics! :)
Beef Tripe poking out :)

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