Qoola Plus - Richmond Centre

If you're in Richmond Centre, you have two options for frozen yogurt: Qoola or Pinkberry! Though I immensely enjoy both, I prefer the former, as it's cheaper, you can scoop your own toppings and you get a cafe like setting to enjoy your dessert!
New York Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt
4/5 stars
This time I decided to try something new instead of their original flavour. I love cheesecake, so I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw they had a New York Cheesecake frozen yogurt flavour!
The cheesecake frozen yogurt was delectable! It was rather sweet, so this would be perfect for people who don't like the "tanginess" of their original frozen yogurt!
As for toppings,I went with shaved almonds, mango pearls, cheesecake pieces, white chocolate shavings, and oreo pieces! I was quite impressed that it only came to about $3.50! For comparison, the cheapest size at Pinkberry is about $6.30.
Bottom right hand corner: CHEESECAKE PIECES!
You absolutely can't forgo the fruit pearls, they're AMAZING!
 Great place to relax and hang out with friends!
They also have pizza and sandwiches, though it's a pricey.
They even have their own cakes! You can also preorder one for a special occasion!

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