Teppan Kitchen - Aberdeen Centre

Joining the likes of Wu Fang's chicken wings, Shanghai Shanghai's XLBS, Saboten's cutlets, and Mambo Cafe's pork chop rice, Teppan Kitchen is another must try in Aberdeen's food court!
#1 Beef Teppan
4/5 stars
I've tried the Spicy Sausage teppan before, and this one is just as good, if not better! I opted to add egg, cheese and garlic chips for an additional 0.75 each!

The beef is served to you still partially uncooked. You cook the beef on the hot plate yourself by mixing the rice together.

There were about eight pieces of beef. The beef was nicely sheared, flavourful and very tender. The rice itself has bits of scallions and corn. Once mixed together, the flavours of the beef, egg, and cheese go really well together! Don't forget to add their sauces! My personal favourite is the garlic butter soy sauce.

Each teppan comes with a complimentary miso soup. The miso soup was alright. It was a little too water downed. On the plus side, it didn't taste like MSG.
Each teppan comes with a paper shield to protect you from sizzling oil and cooking instructions!

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