Thomas Haas - Birthday Cake!

For my dad's birthday, I surprised him with a cake from Thomas Haas! I picked out the 6 inch exotic cheesecake and they decorated it with a chocolate happy birthday sign at no extra charge! The cake turned out to be be much tinier than I had expected. The 6 inch is supposed to serve 6-7 people, but this size was perfect for 3!

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Exotic Cheesecake 6"
4.5/5 stars
The exotic cheesecake is comprised of passion fruit, mango and orange zest, finished with coconut flakes.The execution of this cheesecake was impeccable. It was just the right level of sweetness, with multi dimensional layers of flavour. The passion fruit, mango and orange zest flavours were layered upon one another, without overpowering one another.  The top layer of mango was incredibly silky and the cake itself was decadently creamy and airy.The coconut flakes tied together the cake beautifully.

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