Tyler's Pies & Oollo Tea - Dine Out 2014 - East Side Brunch Crawl

 This year for Dine Out Vancouver, I had the pleasure of participating in the East End Brunch Crawl, courtesy of Urbanspoon! Thankyou to Urbanspoon for giving me the opportunity to participate in both Street Food City III and the East Side Brunch Crawl!

 The concept of the Brunch Crawl is you receive a "passport" with a list of restaurants. From 10 am to 2 pm, you get to visit the restaurants on the list at your leisure. At each stop, you get the sample the restaurant's offerings and your passport is marked off.

The restaurants participating in this year's Brunch Crawl were: Yolk's Breakfast, Famoso's Neapolitan Pizzeria, Parallel 49 Brewing, Tyler's Taco & Tea, Oollo Tea, Turks Coffee Lounge, Dolce Amore, Siddartha's Indian Kitchen and Timbre Restaurant!
 Upon arriving we found out that Tyler's Tacos was actually Tyler's Pies! Apparently there weren't any tacos being offered for the event. :(
The pies that were offered were blueberry and blackberry. The filling in the pies tasted fresh without being too sweet. The fact that the pies weren't uniform in shape perpetuated the notion of "homemade goodness" which I really appreciated.

 Ooloo tea was at the event as well! Ooloo specializes in tea imported from Taiwan. The tea that I tried was Mountain oolong tea.  It was very well steeped, and the oolong was very potent and tasted very fresh.
Side Note: Isn't their logo creative? I love it!

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