Abdul's BBQ - Crystal Mall

Abdul's BBQ has been hailed as having some of the best Halal Meat in all of Greater Vancouver! They have a variety of sharwarma wraps, fafalel wraps, as well as sharwarma and fafalel plates with rice, salad, and hummus! Abdul served me personally, and he was all smiles and very friendly! You can tell he really cares about his business!
Tip: It's best to go in the morning, while the meat is still moist! It tends to get drier as the day progresses.
Lamb Wrap
3.5/5 stars
This wrap was huge! The lamb meat was moist and smokey, with the spices being very pungent. It was also packed with a ton of fresh vegetables, which I really appreciated. The best part was definitely the spicy sauce! I wish there was more sauce, because it wasn't very evenly distributed and there wasn't enough for the entire the wrap. Abdul's BBQ on Urbanspoon


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