Ali Shan - Crystal Mall

Ali Shan is a casual Taiwanese restaurant located on the outside of Crystal Mall. They offer a variety of lunch combo specials which are all relatively affordable.
Fried Chicken Leg Combo

1/5 stars
I hate to say this, but I can't help but compare this meal to those cheap 50 yuen Taiwanese bento boxes (equivalent to about $2 CAD.) Having ate numerous 50 yuen bento boxes, the food here is even worse! The fried chicken was bathed in oil, and was fried very inconsistently. Some parts had a huge amount of batter on it while other parts were bare. The chicken was also barely the size of my palm (and I have small palms.) The rice was cold, and sticky. The poached egg of top was rubbery, and they were stingy with the soy sauce on top. They gave way too much plain cabbage on the side (as a filler I would presume.) The side tofu dish was very messy and looked like leftovers. The only thing I enjoyed was the tea (which was too diluted.)

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