Bubble World

Bubble World is a Taiwanese restaurant specializing in...you guessed it, bubble tea! For that reason, I wasn't expecting their food to be that great. However, I was pleasantly surprised!
Taro Ice Cream Slush w/ Pearls
4.5/5 stars
Bubble World definitely knows their drinks! This was terrific and even better than ice cream! The slush was incredibly creamy, thick and milky having being blended together with ice cream. It was very sweet, and tasted reminiscent of oreos. The pearls were of the perfect texture, soft, but still retaining firmness.

Mango Slush w/ Pearls
4/5 stars
This was delicious! Comparable to Bubble Queen's almighty Mango Slush! Bubble Queen's is more of a smoothie consistency whereas this is a slush. This was definitely alot sweeter than Bubble Queen's version. It was extremely thick, milky and amazingly decadent. Definitely felt like I was eating dessert! One thing I have to commend Bubble World for is their pearls. Their pearls are really spot on! They're not too firm nor too soft and have a great chew.

Fish Fillet w/ Rice
3/5 stars
This photo doesn't do the fish fillet justice. You can't tell from the picture, but the fish fillet portion size was HUGE. Each piece was about the size of a steak, if not larger! I only ate 2 pieces of the fish, and was so full I barely even touched the rice! The fish was lightly breaded, crunchy and seasoned with the signature Taiwanese 5 spice mix. The interior was soft, flakey and moist. The tartar sauce that came on the size was delicious! It was sweeter and tangier than other Tartar sauces.

The combo also came with two sides. The radish were surprinsingly good and drenched in a sour tomato sauce. The seaweed had a strong garlic element and tasted really fresh.
Salt Peppery Chicken w/ Rice
4/5 stars
This may be one of the largest sized chicken nuggets serving I've had at a casual Taiwanese bubble tea/food cafe. Apparently the fish fillet combo is even larger!
The salt peppery chicken were pretty tasty! The skin was crispy, crunchy with a generous dusting of the 5 spices on the exterior. The interior meat was rather dry though, however that didn't take away from the overall dish.
They also included two side dishes, one with some tofu in tomato sauce, and another with Taiwanese bean curd. The tomato sauce was tangy and subtly sweet. The bean curd had a good chew and was lightly seasoned.
If you don't finish your drink, which I reckon you won't because it's HUGE, they'll package it up in a to go cup! YAY!

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