Chongqing Restaurant - Kingsway

Chongqing is a Szechwan restaurant located on Kingsway, in the vicinity of Metrotown. They offer a variety of lunch specials for around $10, which include a main, rice, and soup of your choice.
Fried Fish in Chili Sauce
2/5 stars
The fish itself was bland and really soggy from being drenched in the sauce. The only flavours came from the sauce, which was rather one dimensional. The sauce was mildy spicy, and was tangy and a bit sweet. I don't think I would order this again, however I would definitely try some of their other lunch specials because there are so many options!
2/5 stars
I was impressed with the abudent amount of corn, and egg flakes. There were also a few pieces of chicken too. It was creamy, and didn't taste watered down. However, I wouldn't order it on its own.

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