Excellent Tofu & Snack

 Located in Excel Plaza, what does an unassuming tofu shop like Excellent Tofu & Snacks have to offer? Well, some people hail it as having the best do fu hua (tofu pudding) on the West Coast. Does it live up to the hype? Read on foodies!
 Red Bean & Coconut Soy Pudding
4/5 stars
The portion was rather small for $4.50 but I still enjoyed it immensely! It definitely lived up to the hype! The do fu hua was indeed the best I've tried in the lower mainland. It was silky smooth, and not choppy/mushy like other stores. The red bean was mildly sweet, and the coconut milk wasn't too heavy and complimented the tofu very well.
One complaint though: I ordered mine hot, but it turned out to be a weird hybrid of lukewarm/cold in different areas of the bowl. However, that didn't distract from the overall taste.
 They can also get take home soy milk and soy pudding!
 Their soy pudding menu! I really want to try the sesame paste, and black sweet rice next time!
 They also offer a plethora of savoury snacks and soymilk drinks! Yay for grass jelly and pearls! ^^

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