Fung May Cuisine - Crystal Mall

 Fung May is a stall in the Crystal Mall food court that serves a plethora of dishes ranging from congee to stir fry dishes, to soup
One of Fung May's most popular dishes is their claypots. I order the J2, which is spareribs with chinese sausage with rice. They also have a variety of other options, such as chicken and mushroom. (Scroll down for pictures of their menu!)
4/5 stars
This was pretty impressive for a food court! I have to say, the quality is quite on par with the claypots served in casual restaurants. The spareribs were chewy and moist, and were quite flavourful. The chinese sausages weren't too oily, and I had been cooked just right. The best part of claypots is that the rice gets crispy at the bottom. The rice was very fragrant and wasn't soggy. I also love how Fung May has a plethora of sauces to choose from! The oyster sauce was my favourite, and definitely added an omph to the plain rice and vegetables.
They cook the rice dish in the claypot itself, making the rice really fragrant!
They also offer breakfast items such as congee, chinese donuts, and soup.
Here's a look at their menu!

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