Green Bamboo Vietnamese - Crystal Mall

Another Crystal Mall gem! Green Bamboo is not authentic by any means, as its run by Taiwanese people, but delicious it is! The dishes here are value for the money! They don't skimp on the meat and toppings. People with smaller stomachs could easily share one bowl.
Vermicelli w/ Spring Rolls, Lemongrass Pork, and Minced Meat Patties
4/5 stars
This was delicious! The spring rolls were one of the largest ones I've ever had. The exterior was super crunchy and the interior was packed with meat.The vermicelli had bite and was in a delicious sweet, vinegary soup base. The lemongrass pork was very fragrant from the lemongrass. The minced meat patty was very flavourful and moist as well.The fish slices were a delightful surprise because it wasn't included on the description of the menu. Overall, I had a great meal at Green Bamboo. Definitely coming back!

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