Han Ju Hotpot - Crystal Mall

Han Ju is a hotspot restuarant located on the outside of Crystal Mall. They specialize in mini hotpots and rice dishes. This place is always packed with people, and for good reason!
#8 Kimchi & BBQ Beef w/ Rice
4.5/5 stars
Wow. This dish was absolutely superb! I was very impressed to say the least. VERY. Everything about it. The flavours, the portion size, and variety, were all very well executed. Seeing how small their hot pots are, I was expecting the rice dishes to be the same. Boy was I wrong! This thing was massive! There was so much variety! There was BBQ Beef, a poached egg, kimchi, cucumbers, cabbage and spicy tofu to top it all off! The beef was juicy, moist and incredibly flavourful. The spicy tofu had just the right amount of kick to it. The kimchi was sweet without being too spicy. The vegetables were a nice and refreshing contrasting to the other flavours of the meal. This combo also came with a side of miso soup. All this for a mere $7.88 after tax! If you're ever around the Metrotown/Crystal Mall area, this is a MUST try! You'll thank me later ;) Han Ju Tofu Hot Pot 韓州豆腐鍋專門店 on Urbanspoon


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