Hot Luck Szechwan Cuisine - Kingsway

Hotluck is a Szechwan restaurant located on Kingsway, beside Saffron Indian Cuisine. Hot Luck offers a variety of large portioned lunch specials for $8. I've eaten a a full main entree meal at Hot Luck before prior to blogging, and I remember it having been better. There weren't alot of people in the restaurant, but I was seated in a corner by the refrigerator. Thus, I was freezing the entire time and my meal became cold very quickly. 
Shredded Pork with Green Pepper
3/5 stars
This was definitely a great deal for $8. I was warned by the waitresses that this dish was spicy, and boy they weren't kidding. This was blazing hot! The pork was crispy, and had a sweet flavour, but was extremely spicy. If you enjoy spicy dishes, you should definitely. For the less daring, I would ask for them to ease up on the spiciness level.
Definitely a solid lunch option if you're in the area looking for a decent lunch under $10! Hotluck Restaurant 湘蜀飄香 on Urbanspoon


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