IHOP - Strawberry Banana French Toast & Chocolate Mocha

Ah, good ol' IHOP. Never fails to satisfy a craving. This was probably the most indulgent breakfast I've had in a while. I usually eat one slice of toast or a energy bar for breakfast, or none at all if I'm having brunch haha.

Tip: The eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns are all rather mediocre, so it's best to stick with their pancakes and french toasts! :)
Strawberry Banana French Toast
4/5 stars
Can you say INDULGENT? This thing clocks in at over 880 calories! Good thing I don't count my calories haha.  It came with 6 pieces of french toast, and guess what, I managed to polish it all off! The french toast was buttery, fluffy and moist. The strawberry jam had lots of whole strawberry chunks. The whip cream on top wasn't that sweet, which I really appreciated.
Chocolate Mocha
4/5 stars
The mocha was indeed very chocoately, with a deep robust flavour. The marshmellow cream on top was pillowly, sweet and creamy.
 They also have syrup on the side, my favourite being the old fashioned and blueberry!

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