Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken - Crystal Mall

Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken is a stall in Crystal Mall specializing in Malaysian cuisine. With dishes such as laska, ipoh chicken, curries, char kew teoy ban and mee goreng, they offer plenty of choices when you're not in the mood for Chinese food!
4/5 stars
Judging by their restaurant name, I'd guess that Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken is their signature dish. I had read a few blog posts on this particular dish and it seemed that the general consensus was positive! I have to agree with those reviews. The chicken tender, juicy and flavourful, without being overly seasoned. The flavours were very delicate, and went very well mixed together with the bean sprouts and cilantro. The rice was on the harder size, to ensure that it wouldn't get soggy from the sauce. The sauce on the bottom of the rice was a sweet soy sauce, that paired well mixed with the other components of the dish. The cucumbers on the side were a nice touch, and added a refreshing textural component to the meal. 
I was pleasantly surprised by the soup that the meal came with. It wasn't watered down, and tasted as if it had been brewed for hours. I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was, but it tasted delicious!
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