Juice King Bubble Tea - Yaohan Food Court

Juice King is one out of three bubble tea vendors in the Yaohan Mall food court. I've reviewed Juice King's competitors, Fresh Elements & Little Bean in previous posts, so go check those reviews out! Juice King's "Special" bubble tea is the same price as Little Bean's, which are both pricier than Fresh Elements. 

Note: Sorry for the horrendous lighting haha, Yaohan's fluorescent lighting doesn't translate well in pictures :(

 House Special Bubble Tea w/ Coconut Jelly

4/5 stars
I went at about 10 am in the morning (so healthy to be having bubble tea this early haha) so the pearls weren't ready yet. Instead of pearls they added coconut jelly. I was expecting it to taste artificial but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't! The coconut jelly was very sweet and had a jello like texture. It was rather enjoyable so I would consider getting this again in lieu of pearls! Plus, no extra chewing is required, so it saves your jaw some work. Just slurp! Hahaa Juice King on Urbanspoon


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