Le Tigre Food Truck - That Fricken Chicken

I've blogged about Le Tigre on a previous occasion when I covered Street City III for Urbanspoon. I enjoyed their Kick Ass Rice & Beet Fries so much that I went back to try another one of their dishes: That Fricken Chicken! Mmmm, who doesn't like fried chicken? With a name like that, it better be good!
4/5 stars
I have to applaud Le Tigre. They definitely took fried chicken to the next level! I actually wouldn't classify this as fried chicken, since there were no bones. I would label this as chicken kaarage, because texturally, it was very similar. The chicken was dusted with a fusion of asian and western spices. The chicken was mildly spicy and there were prominent traces of Taiwanese 5 spice.
The chicken also came with some sweet, tangy mayo sauce, which paired very well with the flavours of the chicken. Well done Le Tigre!


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